Image by Diego Catto


What is Artisan Coffee?

It's not mass-produced beans that are stored on the shelf for months! then shipped to a chain cafe that presents you with a bitter foamy mess that they dare call a latte? (We’re naming no names…) We roast your coffee by order, Gypsy has a roasted on date , does your coffee?

What is the best way to make coffee?

Best to good 1-3:

  1. Pour over "Chemex w/ bonded filter" Flavor 10 of 10
  2. Air press w/ filter "Aeropress" Flavor 9 of 10
  3. Auto Drip "Behmor Brazen Plus 3.0" Flavor 8 of 10

Where is my coffee?

We roast it when you order! We rest it for 5 days if you order it ground! "whole bean ships next day."

Save on Shipping?

If your local, just select "pick-up order" for free.